ISSA PULIRE Network SRL , with registered office at 32 Via Felice Casati, 20124, Milan (Mi), as the owner of the www.issapulirenetwork.com website (the "Website"), is providing the following disclosure pursuant to Article 122 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 (the "Privacy Code").

  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that websites, such as www.issapulirenetwork.com, place on a user's computer and that enable the website owner to store specific data sent by the bowser being used. Cookies are used to authenticate users electronically, monitor sessions and store specific information about the users that access the server. Most browsers normally have many such cookies. The website owner can use cookies to, among other things, analyze a user's habits in order to better tailor the services offered by the website for that user, or to improve the browsing experience (e.g. storing the user's username and password so such information doesn't have to be typed in again and again).

  1. What types of cookies does the Website use and why

The Website uses various types of cookies, each of which has a specific function. The main types of cookies used by the Website are shown in the table.

Cookie type


Strictly necessary cookies

Such cookies are essential for browsing our sites and using the functions they provide. Without such cookies, it is impossible to provide such functions as the "shopping basket" or "electronic invoicing".

Performance analysis cookies

Such cookies collect information about how our websites are used, such as, which pages are the most visited. Such data makes it possible to optimise our websites, improving the browsing experience. We also use such cookies to inform any affiliates if your visit to our site originated on their website, and whether it led to you using or purchasing one of our products or services, along with details of the product or service purchased. Such cookies do not obtain information that can be used to identify you personally as all such data is in aggregate form and thus anonymous.

Functional analysis cookies

Such cookies enable our sites to store the choices you make while browsing our sites. For example, we can store information about your geographic location in a cookie so that we display the website in your language. We can also use such cookies to memorise your preferences, such as font and font size, as well as other customisable details. Such cookies can also help us to track what products or videos you have already seen, thus preventing us from suggesting them again. These cookies do not collect information that can be used to identify you personally and they do not track your activities on non-AFIDAMP websites.

  1. How can I express prior consent about cookies?

The [strictly necessary] cookies are technical cookies required for the proper functioning of the Website.
The [performance analysis] cookies are not necessary for the Website to function, but since they are solely used for statistical purposes and only collect information in aggregate form, with anonymous processing, they can be used without obtaining prior user consent. Despite this, users can choose to disable such cookies by changing the relevant setting in their browsers, although they must realise this could result in certain Website functions not being available.

The [functional analysis] cookies are not necessary for the Website to function and users can grant their consent about whether to allow them by clicking on the specific window that opens automatically when the Website is displayed by a browser. Failure to provide such consent will not result in a user being unable to use the Website, but it will mean not all functions are available.

Any queries about the use of cookies by the Website should be sent via email to  privacy@issapulirenetwork.com.


The ISSA PULIRE Network offers the largest international platform for professional cleaning and facility management trade shows, and executive educational events. It was formed by ISSA and Afidamp, leading worldwide & Italian industry associations.